Growing up in Wyoming and Colorado, I was finely attuned to camping, even if I didn't always participant myself.

A couple years ago, the term "glamping" started popping up on my Facebook and Instagram feed.

I'll admit, I dismissed at first as a trendy buzzword, but the photos didn't stop and neither has my research. Here's what I've learned about camping vs. glamping so far.


- A fixed, yet open, shelter (could be a yurt, tipi, safari tent or cabin)
- Secluded, but scenic views
- Extra amenities (think air conditioning and refrigerators)
- Some areas even include beds, bubble baths and on site spas
- Places to rent can get up to $500 to $1,000 a night


- Bring your own form of shelter (most people choose tents)
- Campgrounds off little to no amenities
- Camping fees or passes required in most areas
- Usually must pack sleeping bags,coolers and cooking equipment

Anyone curious about the glamping sites Colorado has to offer and see some here:

If you're dying to know what type of outdoor enthusiast you are, our resident camper and Colorado native, Allison Sytle, has designed a quiz for you: