Aspen Skiing Company is using tiny homes to provide more affordable housing for its workers, but the solution for its housing crisis is though forcing other people to move.

The resort first tested out the tiny home idea last winter. It installed six tiny homes in a campground it owns.

The company said it worked out so well, it ordered 34 more tiny homes from Sprout Tiny Homes.

The homes will be built over the summer and should be ready for move in by late fall. There will still be 20 RV lots available for employees after the tiny homes are built.

The resort will be deciding which employees get to live in the homes.

"We assign units or beds to each of our operating departments. So the way we do it, is we divvy up our 600 employee beds through departments, and what their needs are, and they assign them to their employees based on need," said Jeff Hanle, the director of public relations for Aspen Skiing Company.

People who are currently living in the campground are not Aspen Skiing employees.

The company told them in September 2015 they needed to move by the following May.

Now, however, they have until September 1 to move out.

"When we bought the property eight years ago we said this wasn't going to stay a campground forever we're buying this for employee housing," said Hanle.

Aspen Skiing Company is offering residents an incentive to leave. If they move out by June 30, they can get a $3,000.

It comes down to $2,000 if they leave by July 31.

Residents who stay until the end of August can get a $1,000 incentive.