The City of Aurora has been getting a lot of questions about President-elect Donald Trump's promises to deport thousands of undocumented immigrants as well as a part of his plan that would require immigrants caught committing crimes to be held until deportation, rather than released to await hearings.

Over the last few years, Aurora has developed a comprehensive plan for immigrants and refugees --populations that have steadily increased in the city.

The Aurora Police Department currently has a non-enforcement policy on immigration, allowing federal authorities to take charge on these issues.

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz released the following statement on Facebook on Tuesday, clarifying that no matter what they will not be changing this policy:

"Since the election, many questions have been raised about Aurora Police Department’s current non-enforcement policy on immigration. Specifically, people are asking if we intend to change our policy. The simple answer is: No
APD's policy on immigration will remain as follows:
Officers will not enforce, investigate, or detain individuals based on their immigration status.
Our policy is not based on politics or personal philosophy. It is based on public safety. It is our goal to ensure that all individuals within Aurora feel safe in reporting emergencies and working closely with the APD to ensure our city remains a safe place for all.
The city’s responsibility is to provide services to all residents, enforce local laws and build strong community partnerships."

The Denver Police Department, when asked by 9NEWS, responded in a similar fashion:

Immigration enforcement is handled at the federal level – not by local law enforcement. The Denver Police Department has not participated in those enforcement efforts in the past and will not be involved in the future.