KUSA - One of the jurors who decided the fate of the theater shooting gunman spoke out Friday night about her experience on the jury.

The woman, known as juror 17, did not want to give her name. She says there was one firm holdout on the jury who did not want to sentence the shooter to death. Juror 17 says two others were on the fence.

"That person was solidly in that position we learned," she said. "They weren't sure but they probably would have discussed it further had the other juror not been solidly in favor of the life sentence."

She said the holdout juror was a woman, but did not give the number of the juror. She believes mental illness may have been an issue.

"I can't say for sure, but mental illness played into the decision more than anything else."

Following the jury's decision, the grandfather of Veronica Moser-Sullivan speculated that there was a plant on the jury who was going to vote against the death sentence no matter what.

Juror 17 was asked about that, and she said she felt the lone holdout was genuine in her decision.

During their deliberations, the jury requested to watch a video of the crime scene. According to juror 17, that was done by another juror in an effort to sway the holdout toward the death penalty.

"There's 12 jurors with 12 different ideas of everything and there's bound to be people upset either way,"said juror 17. "I think all of us, we hope they will not be upset with us because we did do our best. I think each individually, we did our best to come to what was in our heart.The best decision we felt was appropriate tor this defendant.

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