A woman in Aurora is speaking out after someone spray painted racial slurs and the letters for the KKK on her apartment door.

The woman says she was at home on Tuesday night when a neighbor knocked on her door and told her someone had vandalized the outside of her apartment.

"It's very insensitive and disturbing, I just can't imagine anybody would think it's okay to do that," she said. "It's not a joke, it's not funny, you're putting people at risk by doing this, and you're allowing other people to show their hatred in ways that is not acceptable."

EDITOR'S NOTE: a prior version of this story contained the victim's name, however police have asked 9NEWS to stop identifying her because she fears for her safety.

The victim says it gives her some peace of mind that her neighbors are looking out for her.

At this point, Aurora Police don't have any suspects, but say the investigation has high priority.

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