BOULDER - The chief executive officer of a Boulder marijuana company says he plans to request a hearing to dispute $14,000 in fines from the city after odor complaints.

Josh Ginsberg, CEO of Dandelion Grow, says there are several other marijuana grow operations close to his near Broadway and Lee Hill Drive in North Boulder.

Ginsberg says the smell of marijuana that drifts to nearby homes could have come from any one of those businesses.

He invited 9NEWS inside his warehouse to show what Dandelion Grow has done to prevent odors from getting outside.

“So we're doing even more,” said Ginsberg. “We're doing everything we possibly can to show the city and make sure they know that it's not us and that we do care, that the community is the most important thing for us, to be able to operate here, because we want to continue to operate here."

Boulder's marijuana odor regulations state that there can be no smell of marijuana outside a pot business. It is enforced if someone complains.