A boy scout in Parker honored veterans Saturday with his Eagle Scout project by presenting them with a memorial.

Ewan Gregory had a battlefield cross sculpture built in his hometown - it took seven months, about $7,000 and a lot of hard work to get up.

For Gregory, this project means something very special. He comes from a family of veterans; his dad and uncle served. His great grandfather fought in World War II.

"It's a way of paying respect to all of our veterans," Gregory - of troop 280, says. "They do a ton for us, and it's just a way of paying back I guess."

For those that aren't sure, the battlefield cross has been around since the Civil War. A fallen soldier's bayonet, boots and helmet would make where they were buried.

Gregory tells 9NEWS that he plans on joining the military when he's old enough - a tradition he says means so much to him and his family.