Following Monday’s rainstorms, Brighton residents LaVeta and Eric Lowrey were showered with something else: mysterious insects that appeared to fall from the sky.

LaVeta Lowrey reached out to 9NEWS Tuesday, curious about the type of insect that “pummeled” the couple as he walked their dog and she prepared to grill chicken outside. The couple has lived in their home on South 13th Avenue near Brighton High School for 15 years. This was a first.

Lowrey says the sidewalks were covered. And piles of the bugs formed in a 20-square-foot area in the couple’s backyard. They appeared shortly after the first wave of storms had passed.

Photos she provided show clumps of small, larvae-like insects. Lowrey says they were hard to the touch. Most appeared to be dead. Some she set aside in a jar are still alive.

Lowrey couldn’t be certain if the bugs could have come from a locust tree in the backyard. She had not asked neighbors if they had any similar encounters with the insects. She says a nephew living in Denver’s south side did, and he also has a locust tree.

We posted her story on the 9NEWS Facebook page, and got responses from other folks in Thornton to Englewood who said they saw the same thing on their decks, cars and plants.

Mary Ann Colley from the Butterfly Pavilion isn't positive, but she thinks the bugs could be fly maggots emerging after a wet winter.

"When we have extra rain, while it might make for a bad drive to work, it makes for a really healthy habitat for invertebrates -- especially insects," she said.

She says she'll have to put them under a microscope to be sure though. The good news is that the bugs are harmless, and probably fell from a tree or the gutters after Monday's storms.

So for now, the mystery of what the bugs are remains.