Everyone knows that dogs don't like fireworks - and it's something that gets its worst around the Fourth of July. Our Independence Day is celebrated with a big mess of awesome explosions. Explosions that may scare away our furry friends.

A large chunk of emergency calls on the Fourth of July - besides people calling about illegal firework use - are about pets that run away during the fireworks. Denver Animal Control says they got dozens of calls this Fourth of July.

In many cases, officers have to take pets straight back to their owners, instead of the shelter, because it would overwhelm the shelter if they didn't.

Animal Control officers patrolled for lost pets again Wednesday. They say pet owners often wait to call about their pets, so July 5 is usually their busiest patrol day.

There are still six lost dogs in the animal control shelter Wednesday night. Also, Foothills Animal Shelter picked up two dogs after fireworks shows.