A student from the University of Colorado Denver campus has been banned from Denver Health Medical Center, following unauthorized access to restricted areas of the hospital. 

Vanessa Loznik is being investigated by the Denver Police's economic crime division. Denver Health says it is working with Denver Police and the Denver District Attorney’s office to pursue legal action to the fullest extent.

"We have taken swift and aggressive action to address the issue," Denver Health said in a statement. "All student and learner badge access at Denver Health has been suspended, effective immediately, while we re-verify the credentials of all students."

Staff and security were notified of the incident. Anyone without a hospital badge in a patient care area, or anyone exhibiting out of the ordinary behavior will be questioned.

Denver Health is modifying its credentialing procedures and are actively investigating the extent to which this person interacted with patients.

University of Colorado Denver also issued a statement, saying that the student's "involvement at Denver Health was not connected with her coursework at the university."

"However, we are taking this matter extremely seriously and are actively investigating these allegations," the university said.