A Colorado builder is getting a lot of attention for creating a hobbit house.

Brett LeCompte's work is being featured in the new book, Small Homes: The Right Size by Lloyd Kahn. LeCompte's business, Swallows Nest Natural Building, focuses on building small homes made out of natural materials.

Some of his clients, who are big fans of J.R.R Tolkien's book "The Hobbit," asked him to make them a hobbit house and he took on the challenge.

LeCompte built the 900 square-foot home with natural materials like earthen plaster and adobe.

<p>Courtesy: Brett LeCompte</p>

He got in some practice with the alternative building techniques he used to create the hobbit home by building a play hobbit house for his kids.

<p>Courtesy: Brett LeCompte</p>

"I thought I could kill two birds with one stone if I built a small structure on my own land, incorporated three new building techniques in that one small space, have a place to practice and make my mistakes on my own place and in the end the kids would get a play house out of it," said LeCompte.

The house is half underground. Local stone mason Brad Wright helped with the cement and block work on the outside.

LeCompte has been a huge fan of Kahn since he published his first book of alternative architecture back in the 70s.

He says being part of Kahn's new book is a dream come true.

"I've incorporated ideas from looking at his earlier books and to now be in a book and being able to inspire others with my own stuff just kind of paying it back. Just being part of a family of alternative builders," he said.

<p>Courtesy: Brett LeCompte</p>

LeCompte's full-size home is also featured in the book. His home is also made of natural materials like clay and straw-bale.