A Colorado man has just been deported from Russia after illegally entering the country in search of "a better life," Russian media outlets report.

Julio Prieto, a 29-year-old Colorado-based insurance salesman, was stopped at Russia's southern border with Kazakhstan for not having a valid visa reports Tass, a Russian News agency.

Prieto attempted to sneak into the country, but was caught near Novosibirsk on Sept. 14. He was charged for illegally crossing the Russian border.

RIA Novosti, another Russian media outlet, reports Prieto explained in court he had lived in Colorado, where he was selling insurance, and he was hoping to work in a Russian village.

According to TASS, a source the agency has within the Office of the Russian Bailiffs Service for the Novosibirsk region said Prieto was deeply disappointed with the Russians' cold welcome.

Russia's Karasuksky District Court found Prieto guilty and imposed a fine on him for violating Russian migration laws.

Prieto was flown from Novosibirsk to New York on Monday. The Russian Government paid for the flight.

9NEWS contacted New York's Department of State for more information about Prieto's deportation and are waiting on a response.