HIGHLANDS RANCH – A couple in Highlands Ranch wants to warn neighbors after a coyote attacked and killed a dog for which they were caring.

Coyotes have learned to thrive in residential areas, which offer readily available food sources from rabbits and prairie dogs to pets.

The animals are often more aggressive during their breeding season, which is from February through March.

Jeff Partington was caring for a Norfolk Terrier that he had sold years ago to a military family now in the process of moving overseas for an assignment.

The dog was in a fenced back yard.

"You know we have a six foot fence,” said Partington. “Just need to warn people, a six foot fence is really a false sense of security. The coyotes can easily climb and get over a six foot fence."

Partington and his wife now don't let their own dogs out by themselves, and only within a smaller enclosure.

They also take an airhorn with them into the yard, and plan to install motion-detecting lights to scare coyotes away.