Summers are for the bears.

At least, that's what the news coverage in Colorado will lead you to believe. We've run stories on bears in homes, bears in garages and bears playing the piano in the past few weeks.

One of our latest bear stories garnered national attention and sparked debate on how we, as humans, should react when we come in contact with bears.

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A bear that attacked a teen who was sleeping at a Boulder County campground was later tracked down and killed.

Many people on our Facebook page defended the bear and argued it shouldn't have been put down.

So, we've got another kind of bear story for you -- but this one has a happy ending with a video to boot.

On Friday and Saturday, residents spotted some bears in Broadmoor Bluffs, a neighborhood in Colorado Springs. At one point, this family of bears -- three cubs and a mom -- were spotted in a garage.

Bill Vogrin with the southeast region of Colorado Parks and Wildlife told 9NEWS that overnight Sunday, the mama bear was tranquilized and trapped.

Her three bear cubs were removed from a nearby tree.

We're told no injuries were reported, so you can enjoy this GIF in all its glory.


Look at those happy bears take off into the wilderness!

Happy Monday!