The University of Colorado Boulder has apologized for posting a sign – with pictures – barring a Daily Camera journalist and three photographers from entering a private building on campus to cover students protesting about fossil fuel divestment.

Elizabeth Hernandez, a higher education reporter at the newspaper, tweeted a photo of what she called a “snazzy ‘wanted’ poster” on Tuesday morning. 

The Daily Camera has since been granted access into the building, Hernandez tweeted.

The University issued a statement saying that the office in question is private and locked 24/7, and that the Strategic Media Relations Office had asked the Camera to talk to protesters outside the building.

“We are still investigating why posters were put up in the office with photos of the journalists,” the university’s statement read. “Clearly, that was not appropriate and we have apologized to the Camera.

“The university values our relationships with the press and always strives to get them the access they need to cover campus issues. To err on the side of caution, in this instance, we are now permitting the Camera to take photos inside so long as it does not disrupt the business operations of the office.”

Hernandez later tweeted a photo from outside the Chancellor’s Office. She said the building was locked and she was waiting for a university spokesperson.