Veterans Day is a time when people should remember the memorial in University Memorial Center at the University of Colorado campus.

The CU student commons is also a museum dedicated to those who died for fighting for our country and to the USS Colorado battleship.

"I enlisted on my seventeenth birthday," Ken Jones said.

90-year-old Jones served on the USS Colorado during World War II.

"Right at first, to me, it was a big adventure," Jones said. "A lot of my shipmates were killed and that changed those boyhood dreams forever. I learned in a hard way that there's no glory in war."

CU has a display of artifacts from the USS Colorado to remember the duty and sacrifice of those who served on that ship like Jones.

"It's still remembered on special occasions like Veterans Day and by all of those people, that's very humbling and makes you feel real good," Jones said.

The university put on an official Veterans Day Ceremony with several speakers including Congressman Jared Polis and Navy Rear Admiral Rick Snyder.

"I want to thank and honor and acknowledge our veterans," Snyder said. "And, this service is not just what they did. It's who they were."

Jones says he enjoys sharing his story as much as he can because people need to hear from those who were a part of history.

"There's not too many of us left and one of these days, there won't be any," Jones said.