Large-scale industrial buildings are common in northeast Denver, and sometimes it's hard to tell what companies are housed in the monolithic structures.

But in one such building is the Denver operation of Chicago-based Czarnowski Exhibit Service Inc., which manufactures display pieces for use by automobile, health care and technology companies.

If you've been to the Denver Auto Show, you've probably seen Czarnowski's work. Scattered throughout the company's 360,000-square-foot facility in Denver are various versions of familiar automobile logos, such as Audi, Cadillac and GMC. Lasers, 3-D printers and plastic-forming vacuums are employed to create custom designs for clients.

The company has locations across the U.S. and one each in Canada and Germany, with some 3,200 employees in total, including 187 located in Denver, which is a main fabrication hub, at 9700 E 56th Ave.

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