What do you get when you pack thousands of dental professionals into the Colorado Convention Center on a weekend?

You'll hear lots of pitches, you’ll meet some interesting people, and maybe even see a human-sized molar.

One thing you’re sure to see? SWAG – Stuff We All Get.

“Most of the people that come here can get that free stuff and afford it for themselves,” Carol Heimann said.

Heimann is the co-chair of the Head To Toe project. It’s put on by the Alliance of the American Dental Association with local support coming from Delta Dental of Colorado, the Colorado Dental Association Foundation, and other dental organizations.

Booth visitors will get their hands on some SWAG, but only long enough to stuff it into a bag. The bags are filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, combs, tissues, and other hygienic products.

Their goal is to stuff 15,000 bags full of these products by Saturday. They are well on their way after getting 12,000 stuffed in two days.

The bags will be presented to a Denver non-profit called Clothes To Kids. Their mission is to clothe under-privileged kids from four years old through 12th grade.

The hygiene kits will be the perfect complement to the shirts, pants, underwear, and socks that come with a trip to Clothes To Kids.

“Children are always excited to pick out any extra little trinket they can get,” Doria Barajas, Program Coordinator for the organization said.

They excitement is shared by the dental professionals at the ADA convention.

“Well I'm getting stuff for other people. That's what I'm getting,” one happy bag packer said.

The presentation will be made on Saturday at the end of the convention.