Ever wanted to break a Guinness World Record? Well, if you love comics and cosplay, Denver Comic Con may just be your chance.

The con is going to try for the world record of the largest gathering of people dressed as comic characters.

Please note that they do mean comic characters. A list of fandoms in other media, and therefore the characters from them that are not allowed in this attempt, is here.

“The Guinness Book of World Records is in the business of being precise, so we must be precise as well,” the con’s website says.

The official Guinness rules that the con must follow are on its website and read as follows:

  1. All participants must be dressed in costumes representing characters from comic books. A costume is defined by the Guinness Book of World Records as something that is “instantly recognizable as the character that they are portraying.”
  2. Guinness needs to be able to recognize which comic character everyone is dressed as, so all costumes must be complete and clearly recognizable.
  3. Characters from other media such as films, television and video games are acceptable, but these must have been in comic books before they appeared elsewhere.
  4. If the character has both a comic and a movie/TV version, the entrant must be wearing the version from the comic.
  5. Each participant must wear their own outfit. An outfit cannot be shared between two people.
  6. All participants must be in position at the same time and remain so for a minimum of five minutes.
  7. All participants must remain in full costume for the entirety of the event, meaning that masks, capes, shoes, makeup and such must stay on for the entire attempt.
  8. Participants within the established area are expected to take part in the attempt of their free will, as extra non-participants in the room may disqualify the attempt.
  9. If the attempt is successful, Denver Comic Con and Guinness Book of World Records reserves the right to use any materials collected during the attempt, including video and photos, for promotional materials without compensation to the participants.
  10. Denver Comic Con is not responsible for any damage to costumes or bodily harm that happens while participating.

If you’re going to try to help break the record, what you’ll have to do is relatively simple:

  1. Line up outside the Bellco Theater at 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 2.
  2. Each cosplayer will be checked in at the door by being photographed individually and given a wristband.
  3. The cosplayer will then be assigned to a steward that is responsible for making sure that the costume meets Guinness’ standards and to watch them.
  4. The cosplayers will be taken down an assigned row in the theater to wait for the attempt’s start. The steward will watch to make sure no one tries to leave or take off their costume.
  5. Once everyone has been seated, an announcement will be made that the attempt will start in five seconds.
  6. The countdown will start and loud noise will be heard to signal the start of the five-minute time that everybody must be present, as the attempt is filmed from multiple spots.
  7. After five minutes a signal will be given and all cosplayers may leave the theater.

And don’t forget that the con will also be holding a group wedding immediately after this in the same theater if you want to stay and watch that.