Three friends enjoying a weekend of country music in Las Vegas were not supposed to come home to Denver Monday night.

But they couldn't stay.

Not after crawling under the stage to escape gunshots.

Not after watching as a man just feet away from them was shot three times.

"All of a sudden it went boom boom boom boom boom," said Marcelene Darden.

Like so many of the thousands at the Jason Aldean concert, she thought the gun-shots were fireworks, or part of the show.

Darden and her friends, Brittany Hall and Cheryl Humbert, were close enough to touch the stage.

After the pops, they looked back and saw the man in the green t-shirt who they had been talking with earlier in the night fall down.

He had been shot three times.

In between rounds while the gunmen was re-loading, the three women ran, and then stayed low as they listened to bullets reign down on the roof of the stage.

"We were so scared we thought we were done, it was pretty scary," said Darden.

The three separated when Cheryl wasn't able to jump a fence.

Marcelene injured her shoulder and she and Brittany found themselves crawling under the stage. That's when Marcelene said Brittany saved her.

"She's just like I can't crawl and I said, yes you can, yes you can, and I just kept repeating it," said Hall.

They crawled until they couldn't anymore because of the pools of blood.

Without her friends, Cheryl ran along the fence until she saw a man helping everyone else.

"This guy I think I owe my life to him, he was picking people up and throwing them over the fence," said Humbert.

Once the women made it out to the sidewalk, they saw people piling bodies into pickup trucks to get them to the hospital in any way possible.

The friends arrived home safely in Denver late Monday night. They say the person they saw get shot survived and is recovering in the hospital.