A Denver Police Officer was arrested and suspended without pay Friday after an Internal Affairs investigation.

Officer Julian Archuleta faces charges of misdemeanor theft, 1st degree official misconduct and tampering with physical evidence.

According to an arrest affidavit, Officer Archuleta responded to a call of shots fired in the early morning hours of October 7. After a short pursuit the suspects rolled their vehicle. The driver ran away from the scene but the passenger was left unconscious in the passenger seat.

During the call Officer Archuleta was wearing a body camera. Video from the camera shows him searching the suspect's clothing after it was removed by paramedics.

He discovers an unknown amount of cash and sets it on the passenger seat. One stack of bills in the video contains a $100 bill on the outside of the stack. Officer Archuleta is seen separating that $100 bill and other bills that were stacked inside it.

The camera pans away from the passenger seat and when the seat is back in view there are no large bills visible.

A detective collected evidence from the scene including suspected narcotics, a firearm and cash totaling $118 according to the affidavit. No $100 bills were collected and there was no mention of $100 bills in Officer Archuleta's written report.

A detective notified the Internal Affairs Bureau after watching Archuleta's body camera video.

After he was contacted by Internal Affairs on October 10, Officer Archuleta told a detective that he found 12 $100 bills in his war bag and that the money "must have fallen in his bag."

He later turned that money over to Internal Affairs but declined to make a statement.

Officer Archuleta is also accused of moving evidence inside the vehicle before a search warrant was issued.

The Denver District Attorney is expected to file formal charges early next week.

Officer Archuleta joined the Department in 2004 and was assigned to the Patrol.