After he was hit by a driver at a student protest march in December 2014, Officer John Adsit of Denver Police thought he was going to die. For a few weeks after, he couldn’t communicate.

It was thought that he would lose his left arm and leg, and that he would be left with partial blindness. But Adsit beat those odds.

And after multiple surgeries (25) and recovery, he wanted to not only get back to work but give back to the community and those not as fortunate as he was.

Unfortunately, while he’s succeeded in the latter with his foundation Adsit Strong that helps gravely injured first responders, he won’t be able to continue with the job he loves.

Adsit will be medically retiring soon, his last day with Denver Police on May 20.


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Adsit sat down to talk with us about his journey. His faith and his family helped him through the dark times of his recovery, along with the community.

“The list goes on and on,” he said.

He will be going back to school to obtain a psychology degree, as he was awarded a full-ride scholarship to the University of Phoenix last year.

He will also be continuing with his foundation work, which you learn more about here.

He adds that there's a simple way that you can give back as well for National Police Week this week. "You can thank every person in a uniform you see, whether it be police, paramedic or fire fighter" he said.

Or you can thank them online through social media, letting other people know how much you appreciate the work they do, he continued.

And his advice to first responders who may be going through something similar to what he went through?

“Keep going, keep doing what you’re doing,” he said.

Above, hear from Adsit in his own words about his difficult decision to leave the job he loves