Several hundred people marched and rallied from City Park to the steps of the Colorado state capital to protest the violence in Virginia this weekend.

The organizer said it was a grassroots effort made possible through social media. All it took was Facebook, text message and phone calls to bring together the diverse crowd.

"So this is what it looks like," said Jeremy Bermudez.

Bermudez said when he started to organize the rally and march, the message spread quickly. People showed up in droves hours later, chanting and holding signs against racism, violence and intolerance.

"Unless we put a stop to this, we, we're going to have some major problems here in this country," said Dan Tkach, a Centennial resident who joined the march.

The violence in Virginia happened 1,600 miles away from Denver but Bermudez said that's too close.

"Hatred spreads and I don't want it to come to our city or our state," he said.

The march started at City Park and made its way down Colfax to the steps of the state capital.

Some people watching from the sidewalk held back tears.

"It's really cool. It was inspired by something that just happened yesterday afternoon and all these people banded together for this and it's so important," said Keely Hoak.

"It makes me proud that people will stand up for each other and fight the hate in this world," said business owner Vivian Sutherland.

Nina Fuller said she's glad a diverse group showed up.

"I don't think it's a black issue, I think it's a people issue. People want to dominate and we're all equal and that's what I'm standing up for today," she said.

Heavy rain poured down on the two-mile march to the Colorado state capital but the protesters were not deterred.

"I want to reach out to all my brothers and sisters but also to the people who are not of color. This is your fight too, this is your problem too. Racism impacts all of us," said Bermudez.

Denver Police escorted the marchers and state troopers were at the Capitol. The protest stayed peaceful.

Some people who participated said they hope the last minute march has lasting impacts.