Denver will be hosting two open houses Wednesday at the RTD building so they can hear your thoughts on how to clean-up the 16th Street Mall.

The 16th Street Mall is now 35-years-old and complaints have been streaming in about the quality of the shops and crime rates.

Denver Police Violent Crime statistics for the last year show 27 assaults, 26 robberies, and one murder.

In 2015, Visit Denver did a study that showed crime and "general seediness" along the mall were top reasons people decided not to visit Denver.

The city will be discussing several proposals they hope will not only help with those statistics but will also give the mall a much-needed upgrade.

Officials are going over a couple of proposals on how to lay out the mall.

One of the big ideas is whether they should take out the median, put the Mall Ride in the middle, and expand pedestrian access on the side.

They're also thinking about leaving the median and changing the layout of the pedestrian walkways.

Or might not change much at all, and keep paying an estimated $1 million per year to maintain the pavers

The city did pump money into extra security over the summer, but officials think more upgrades could help solve many of the issues.

You can give the city your thoughts at those open houses Wednesday.

RTD Building at 1600 Blake Street Denver, CO. 80202

Meeting times:

Wednesday, October 18 at 12:00 p.m.

Wednesday, October 18 at 5:00 p.m.