We keep hearing about jobs opening up for the holiday season. The postal service announced more than one-thousand opened this week.

There are some other hiring events for jobs including at the Department of Public Safety and the pay is pretty good.

For almost 10 years, Erika Rodriguez has been the first-person people who call 911 hear on the other end.

“We juggle through 5 screens and we look at maps and talk to people at the same time,” said Rodriguez an Emergency Commination Operator with the Department of Public Safety.

While she's getting information, police dispatcher Raymond Rowland is passing the information along to the right person who can help.

He said even though they're not sitting side by side, they're working together.

“It seems like you are stranded on your own but you have help and support from everybody,” said Rowland.

Sitting on the phone may sound relaxing but these jobs can be the opposite.

“The difficult part is when they are frantic and you're trying to calm them down,” said Rodriguez.

“There can be stresses with the job: when people call 911 its normally at their worst time,” Rowland said.

Rodriguez said those planning on going out for job like this should know what they are getting into because every call is different.

“Someone calling in for help, it can be a parking complaint, someone stuck in an elevator, you transfer to fire,
you can have a medical call with someone dying on the phone their last breath is on the phone,” said Rodriguez.

Two different people with two different jobs with similar reasons for doing them.

“We’re giving them the help they need,” Rodriguez said.

“It provides a sense of satisfaction when you help somebody which could be their toughest time,” said Rowland

Something they say never gets old. The office says it also offers different types of training and services to help employees deal with the stresses of the job.

If you think you have what it takes: the job fair is from 10 - 2 p.m. at the Roslyn Event Center in Denver on Saturday.

There are open positions for police dispatchers, a forensic scientist and accident report technicians. The pay ranges from $35 to more than $120,000 a year.

The Roslyn Event Center is located at 5440 Roslyn Street where the Sheriff and Fire Academies are housed.

Direct from the Department of Public Safety:

The Department of Public Safety is hiring for the following positions:
• Deputy Sheriff – $54,430 - $75,846 annually
• Security Specialist – $35,942.40 - $52,478.40 annually
• Forensic Scientist II – $63,368 - $101,389 annually
• Accident Report Technician – $37,775 - $55,152 annually
• Communication Director – $79,828 - $127,725 annually
• Police Dispatcher – $23.60 - $34.46 hourly
• Emergency Communication Operator - $19.75-$28.84 hourly
• Recruiting and Hiring Technician – $20.60 - $30.08 hourly
• Plummer – $23.24 - $33.93 hourly

Additionally, the Fire Department will begin accepting applications in November 2017 ($53,642 - $82,525 annually) and the Police Department will open its application process during the first quarter of 2018 ($55,000 - $94,630 annually). The Public Safety Cadet Program's application process will also be open from December 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017. Cadet compensation includes $11.54 an hour and paid in-state tuition and books at Metro State University or the University of Colorado Denver.