They came together to support one another.

On Wednesday, dozens of people showed up to The Stampede, a country bar in Aurora, to show support for the victims in Las Vegas -- including several with Colorado ties.

"You care about these people, they're you're family,” said Gina Horcher, who organized the event appropriately titled Red, White, and Boots.

Dozens of people streamed into the bar not to mourn, but to celebrate life and remember those whose lives were cut short in the process.

"We had a lot of friends [at the Las Vegas concert] some of which were injured,” she said. “There's death that happened. We need to come together as a community.”

Horcher says 15 of her friends escaped the mayhem in Vegas when a gunman killed 58 people and wounded more than 500 others.

One of her 15 friends was among the wounded.

"[I feel] shock. [Like] it wasn't real,” she said.

Wednesday event was to give strength to him, but also the other Coloradans and Americans affected.

It was for Chris Roybal of Aurora, a Navy veteran living in Colorado, who was killed.

"That was just the kind of guy he was. If you told him you needed something, he would take the shirt off his back and give it to you," said Ryan Chiaverini of his family member.

The event was for Curtis Leoni, the Englewood detective who was shot, but survived.

"There was a lady running at us and she falls," said Todd Riley describing the scene.

The event was also for Todd Riley, an assistant principal at Century Middle School in Thornton, who was hit by shrapnel but still helped perform CPR on a woman who was shot.

"That coward's picture has been on the news for 48 hours, and there are so many stories of people who stepped up, put their lives at risk,” Riley said. “That's what should be on the news. We should be focusing on that."

We will focus on that, just as those at The Stampede on Wednesday did too.

"We need to move forward," Horchard said.