A Denver man faces DUI charges in a crash which police believe involved alcohol and drugs.

Witnesses say Brian Kahn, 40, was driving a white Chevrolet Malibu southbound on Highway 85 at a high rate of speed when he neared vehicles stopped at the intersection of Bromley Lane.

Kahn allegedly swerved into the far left turn lane to go around the stopped cars. He drove through the intersection against a red light and crashed into a silver Nissan sedan and a white Ford pickup, which were making left turns from Bromley Lane onto Highway 85.

Officers found Kahn unconscious and he was taken to local hospital. The driver of the Ford truck was also hospitalized.

Police are investigating whether Kahn may have been involved in other crashes in Weld County earlier that day.

He currently faces several charges, including DUI, driving under revocation, and reckless driving.