If you go out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day over the next week, you may notice more law enforcement around.

That's because authorities in Colorado are once again teaming up with the Colorado Department of Transportation for a campaign meant to crackdown on DUI's over the St. Patrick's Day holiday.

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Beginning Friday, 88 law enforcement agencies across the state will start "The Heat Is On" campaign.

During the St. Patrick's holiday last year, law enforcement arrested 455 drivers, a 10 percent decrease from the 2015 total.

Recently, Colorado ranked 21st for drunk driving in a study by BackgroundChecks.com.

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Not sure how many drinks are too much to drive? CDOT has an app for that.

The R-U-Buzzed app allows users to know their blood alcohol content (BAC) level based on basic information like weight, gender, and number and type of drinks consumed in a certain amount of time.

The app features a "Back to Zero" estimate, which tells people when they should be sober enough to get back behind the wheel.

CDOT warns that a DUI can cost more than $13,500.

"The Heat is On" campaign ends on Monday, March 20.