When the animals first arrived in Colorado, they may not have known where they were, but they all seemed like they wanted to find a home here.

"We are able to open our doors to animals here at the shelter because people in Colorado are so giving and so willing to open up their doors to homeless pets," said Maia Brusseau, public relations manager for the Dumb Friends League.

The Dumb Friends League took in 46 dogs and 15 cats from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria left it devastated more than a month ago. A total of 108 animals arrived on a plane on Tuesday. Other agencies such as Denver Animal Protection, Aurora Animal Services, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, Pueblo Animal Services, Larimer Humane Society and Boulder Valley Humane Society also took in animals as well.

"We often times find ourselves in a situation where our supply doesn't meet the demand of people coming in to adopt," Brusseau said.

The dogs and cats at the Dumb Friends League are not ready for adoption just yet. They still have to go through the entire pre-adoption protocol.

"We began the process of behavior assessments, medical assessments, just to kind of see what kind of shape everybody was in," Brusseau said.

Starting this weekend, animals will be made available once they complete the process at the Dumb Friends League. Likely, a handful of dogs and cats will be added to the adoption list at times over the next few weeks, according to Brusseau. They will not be made available all at once.

Brusseau recommends checking the Dumb Friends League website to find out. She says animals from Puerto Rico will be clearly marked. If you want to find out more information, click here: http://www.ddfl.org/.

"They're all different sizes. You've got medium-sized dogs, little dogs, you've got puppies, older dogs," Brusseau said. "So, there's a little big of something from everyone."