A Durango man died while mountain biking at Lizard Head Wilderness area Sunday while riding with his girlfriend, deputies said.

An EMT in the area who was off-duty and biking with a friend on East Fork Trail near the wilderness said he was taking shelter from a storm when a woman ran up to them saying her boyfriend had been struck by lightning, the San Miguel County Sheriff's Office said.

That EMT raced to 24-year-old John Daniel Huisjen, who was reportedly unconscious without a pulse. The EMT had a friend call 911 while he immediately began CPR. They also tried to find an AED, to no avail.

Other bystanders near the scene came in to help and assist with CPR as well.

Deputies, Telluride EMS and search and rescue teams responded and hiked half a mile to where they were, but they were too late.

Authorities said Huisjen died there. The woman was taken to the hospital with injuries that weren't considered life-threatening.

San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters extended his condolences to Huisjen's family and commended all those who came to his aid.