A barn at Elkhorn Lodge collapsed Thursday, and while no one was hurt about $1,600 worth of hay was lost.

Amy Smith, owner of Elkhorn Lodge's stables, told 9NEWS that no people or horses were injured in the collapse, but two weeks of hay, or 12 bales, was inside the barn at the time.

That hay was needed to keep 42 horses fed. With help from a local feed store, the lodge is getting by.

The stables get hay every two weeks, but with what they had squared away gone they’re looking to speed up their next order.

They’re not sure yet if the hay is salvageable from the barn’s collapse. The snow first needs to melt and a demolition crew has to clean up the mess.

Smith asked that people only come up to the stables if they’re scheduled for a horseback ride, and to otherwise stay off the property. Some people who came up there Thursday ended up having to be dug out.

And if you are thinking of visiting, Smith told us the snow there is up to her mid-thigh. That’s about 2 and half feet of snow!