AVON—From a busy mobile command center, Avon Police Chief Greg Daly and Eagle River Fire Protection Chief Karl Bauer have taken part in countless training exercises. But Saturday’s Metcalf Mayhem simulation is something that often effects many of us in real life.

“We have a lot of commercial traffic that comes along I-70,” Daly said.

The training included what coordinator Mike McWilliam says communities have seen happen before.

“We have 60 miles of interstate here and it’s a frequent thing to have a truck crash with hazardous material spill,” McWilliam said.

Part of the exercise was to do home evacuations, which is good training for everyone because you never know when police or firefighters will come knocking saying you have to leave.

“In that event what would you do?” asked Daly. “What would you take from your house? What is important? Obviously life safety is most important.”

Daily says these type of events are crucial for emergency crews—especially heading into the winter months when crashes are all too real.

“We respond to that all year long and as you can imagine even more so in the winter,”’ Bauer said.