A family’s happiness with the way a Colorado State Patrol trooper treated her husband is getting attention on Facebook.

The family of Lisa, Shaun and their 14-year-old son was pulled over by Trooper Marquez for speeding. They were unafraid but cautious given recent attention to how law enforcement has treated black men, Lisa wrote.

But Marquez was “friendly, funny and down right [sic] pleasant.” He made small talk, asking where they were going and where they were from. When he heard they were from San Antonio, Texas, Marquez spent five to ten minutes talking to them about The Spurs, The Cowboys and The Broncos.

Marquez checked that everyone was wearing their seatbelts and that there was no sign of illegal substances. He got Shaun’s license and his insurance and ran a check on Shaun in his car.

Five minutes later, he handed back everything and asked the family to slow down to reach their destination safely. No ticket was given.

Her husband got out of the car to shake Marquez’s hand, and while Shaun was clearly bigger than Marquez the trooper remained unafraid and engaged in a little bit more sports talk.

“At no time did we feel threatened,” Lisa’s statement reads. “At no time did he have his hand on his gun. At no time did he belittle or threaten us.”