CASTE ROCK – A family that keeps chickens on their property just west of Castle Rock is down to just one bird from an original total of 30 last summer. They think a bobcat is to blame.

The Bringhurst family has compelling evidence.

Melissa Bringhurst recorded video and snapped photos of a bobcat in her chicken coop around 6 p.m. Wednesday evening.

She believes the bobcat got into the coop through a large vent on top that the wind had blown open. The coop used to be a greenhouse. The vent is also how the animal eventually escaped the coop.

"You know, we live out in the country and bears and mountain lions and bobcats and deer are, you know, we kind of live where they roam,” said Bringhurst. “And it's a risk I knew I was taking getting chickens and living out here. So I'm not gonna bother them, or bother the animal anymore. Hopefully, it was scared enough of us that it won't come back."

The family used to allow their chickens to roam free on the property during the day. When their numbers began to dwindle, the family decided to keep them in the coop.

Of the last three chickens left in the family's coop when the bobcat got in, Bringhurst says one is missing, one is dead and only one survived.