VAIL - At the Aria Athletic Club in Vail, Bart McGuire has come to play squash.

"It’s played with a very small, hard ball that doesn’t go very far so you really have to chase the ball," McGuire said.

McGuire started playing the game when he was 14-years-old. Now at 75, he’s still fast as lightning – winning the U.S. and Canadian national double titles in his age group.

"I have had fun and played it a long time,” he said.

Bart McGuire 

Over the years, McGuire has won six U.S titles, six Canadian titles, and has played with six different partners over the span of six different age groups.

"It’s kind of a fun statistical oddity," McGuire said.

Even after those accomplishments, McGuire’s not even close to slowing down. After six decades of playing, he’s still enjoying the game, "

“I hope to keep doing it as long as I can," McGuire said.