Drive for Life, presented by Bonfils Blood Center and the Denver Broncos, is the largest single-day blood drive in Colorado.

9NEWS is a proud sponsor of Drive for Life 20, which is slated for Tuesday, Nov. 7 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Here are nine reasons to give blood at Drive for Life 20:

1. You bleed orange.

You’re as committed a Broncos’ fan as they come. So who wouldn’t want to experience the club level of Sports Authority Field at Mile High, meet active players, alumni, cheerleaders and Miles the Mascot? There are no autographs at Drive for Life, but you have the chance to interact with active roster players in the donor-exclusive Fan Zone. Play a game or take a quick photo.

2. It saves lives.

A single blood donation has the potential to save or enhance not just one life, but up to three. Red blood cells, platelets and plasma can all help patients in different ways. Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood and is used to treat patients with severe burns and clotting disorders. Platelets are essential for blood clotting and are routinely needed to support cancer therapy, open-heart surgery, blood disorders and organ transplants. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body and are needed most after significant blood loss through trauma or for patients undergoing surgery or experiencing anemia.

3. It’s one of the easiest ways to volunteer.

At Drive for Life, it’s recommended you allow two to three hours or make a day of it to ensure you get to enjoy all the donor-exclusive perks, but the actual donation itself takes 5 to 15 minutes tops. Not a bad return on your time investment.

4. You’re paying it forward.

When you donate blood, you’re selflessly ensuring a better life for strangers in need in your own community or even across the country. If a loved one needed blood, you’d want it to be ready to go at that moment. Giving blood regularly helps ensure a safe and ready supply at all times for all of us.

5. Who doesn’t like a free T-shirt?

Every Drive for Life donor gets a goody bag including a commemorative lapel pin, T-shirt and laser-signed photo of Demaryius Thomas. In addition to the snacks, all donors are entitled to a free hot dog and soda and all the interactive games and entertainment in the donor-exclusive Fan Zone.

6. It’s an invaluable gift.

Blood can’t be manufactured. When a patient needs blood, there is no synthetic substitute. Volunteer donors help ensure patient blood needs can be met every two seconds across the U.S. Blood donors have to wait 56 days between donations, but the red blood cells in a blood donation only have a 42-day shelf life, so it takes a constant rotation of donors to ensure a safe and ready supply is on the shelf at all times.

7. You’re just Bonfils’ type.

It takes donors of all blood types to meet the needs of patients every day of the year in Colorado and beyond. O-negative is the universal blood donor, meaning their red blood cells can be transfused into any patient regardless of blood type. But did you know donors who have type AB blood are the universal plasma donors? Read more about how common each blood type is and which blood types can be used for which patients:

8. You can spare a pint.

That’s why donors must meet the minimum 110-pound weight requirement. A whole blood donation,

often referred to as a unit, amounts to about a pint. Women have about 10 pints of blood in their

bodies, men about 12.

9. It’s automatic permission to eat free cookies.

You’ll want to eat a hearty, low-fat meal within two hours of coming to donate and drink plenty of

water a day or two before you give blood to ensure the best possible donation experience. After your

donation, you’re encouraged to sit and reward yourself with some free snacks before continuing on

with your day.

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