A mural going up in Denver has a simple yet inspirational message.

Artists are working to complete the Be a Good Person mural at Fitness in the City on Delaware Street.

It's based on the Be A Good Person brand founded by Darian Simon.

"You know for a while it was cool and trendy to throw kindness by the wayside," said Simon. "All my friends and everybody around me said we're going to be the happiest kindest people around and up until this point it's blessed us with amazing opportunities."

Simon is friends with the owners of Fitness In the City and they asked him to help create something beautiful on what used to be an ugly wall. He couldn't do it himself so asked several of his friends to work on the project.

"The owner of the building really wanted a piece for the community something that they could share, something that sent a positive message, that made everybody smile as they walked by and based on the amount of thumbs up we've gotten I think it has," said artist Kirileigh Jones.

Be A Good Person does sell clothing, but they say it's not about making money.

"For us Be a Good Person really isn't about selling clothes. It's not about making art, so much as it is trying to make a positive impact with the platform that we've created," said Simon. "I believe in the power of positivity and spreading it one by one and starting with yourself."