When a group of high school students used 3D printing to create a custom accessory for a doll, the gesture went beyond child’s play. Students at Mesa Ridge High School developed leg braces for a doll to encourage a little girl to feel more comfortable wearing her own braces.

On Friday, students surprised 5-year-old Marly with the custom leg braces so she could fit them onto her favorite doll named Rosie.

Marly was born with clubbed feet and wears leg braces while she awaits more corrective surgeries. Her grandmother, who works for the school, told students Marly doesn’t enjoy wearing them and asked the class to create a set for Rosie.

Students at Mesa Ridge High School created a matching pair of leg braces for 5-year-old Marley's favorite doll, Rosie. 

Students spent six weeks designing the braces so they matched Marly’s set. When they gave them to Marly, the little girl said she was excited her doll could look more like her.

The students are enrolled in the district’s Project Lead the Way Program, which focuses on science, technology, engineering and math.