For the past decade, the organization Dress For Success has been helping women gain economic independence by arming them with the tools they need to thrive in the business arena and in life.

It all begins with a little moral support, coaching, and a new outfit.

Located on the corner of High Street and Colfax, Dress For Success is a boutique filled with nearly-new donated business attire, shoes, purses as well as make-up and accessories.

The service is by appointment only and is available to any woman looking to find a job, get a fresh start and tackle the world.

“The professional women’s group and Dress for Success allows women to come together, learn from one another-- and have the opportunity to shop in the boutique," said Angela Rodriguez, an ambassador for Dress For Success. “It helps women inspire one another to move forward in life.”

Dress for Success is where 38-year-old Kara Burns got her fresh start after being released from prison in 2014.
She spent two-and-a-half years in prison on drug-related charges.

“I had been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction pretty much since my teen years,” said Burns “and what I learned about myself in prison.. was that I wanted to do something better. I wanted to do more, be more in life.”

As soon as she got out of prison, Burns decided to get her life on a better track starting with a new job but didn’t have the money to afford new business clothing. She was referred to Dress For Success.

“The volunteers were amazing, they made me feel like a real person again. There was no judgment,” said Burns “They helped me pick out a pair of checkered pants, a nice top and red pumps, I looked sharp and I felt really good.”

From there, she landed a new job and also became a volunteer for Dress For Success. Now, three years later, she continues to help empower other women who have overcome life struggles wanting a new start like she did.

“It’s such an amazing place. It made me feel important and it gave me confidence, some much needed confidence.”

Dress for Success provides clothing for women in need of an interview outfit. Once she's hired, she's able to come back to the boutique and pick out five more outfits, all free of charge.

Volunteers also provide interview coaching and support.

Dress For Success thrives off of donations. Right now, the boutique is in need of nearly-new business attire, primarily sizes 0-4 and 16+. They are also in need of purses and handbags as well as jewelry.

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