Any parent knows that timing can be everything with children and so it might be comforting to know that it’s never too early to begin teaching your child math concepts.

Did you know that four out of five Kindergartners enter the school system already behind in their math skills? Here’s the challenge: If math is too hard, your child will get frustrated, and then they risk developing math anxiety. If it’s not challenging enough, they’ll get bored and stop paying attention. Either way, if they start to lose interest in math, they’ll miss learning key concepts and fall behind.

While developing a love of math is crucial for every child, children living in poverty need mathematics intervention the most. Fortunately, many organizations are emerging to take on the challenge of math readiness for all students but with a focus on high-need populations. Denver-based Elephant Learning Math Academy and non-profit Math Matters have partnered to advocate for early learning of mathematics and provide tools to help parents educate their children about math.

With a focus on underserved neighborhoods, Math Matters has already provided 100 scholarships to Elephant Learning Math Academy to lower resource home school children via the Homeschool Foundation or Purcellville, Virginia.

Did you know there is a three-year gap in math development for students from low resource communities versus high resource? Math Matters strives to reach underserved communities to provide the knowledge and tools parents need to help their children succeed in mathematics, and in school.

Math Matters is also developing partnerships with local organizations like 9NEWS to bring more information into the community about the importance of early age mathematics. We hope that by spreading the word, we can help all children excel in math in their early academic years and beyond.

How can you help? Join Elephant Learning Math Academy and Math Matters in their quest to make mathematics accessible to all families. They believe that every child deserves a chance to succeed. For this reason, they are extending a special offer to our community. When you subscribe to Elephant Learning, they will proudly provide the same subscription for free to a child from a lower-income family.

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Together we can change the future of our children by helping them to achieve their goals and succeed at mathematics at an early age. These skills they learn now will carry our children forward to high school, college, and beyond.