For most of us having the cops show up at your marriage proposal would be a nightmare, but it was all part of the plan for Mark Lessner.

"I needed a way to surprise her at that point because she knew I was going to propose," said Lessner.

He decided the best way to do that would be to propose during a traffic stop, one that he helped orchestrate with the help of Westminster Police.

"It's going to be something unique, nobody's really going to have that kind of a story. It's going to be a great story, she's going to be completely surprised."

He contacted the Westminster Police Department through Facebook and asked if they would help him with the surprise. They agreed and the plan was set in motion.

"The ruse was that I was caught speeding and they had a warrant out for an unpaid speeding ticket that I had so I was going to get booked and have to pay the $500 bail."

On Saturday officers pulled over Lessner and his girlfriend Angela Pol at a predetermined time and location.

"Well he was speeding, so I thought it was real," Pol said.

"I was very worried about that type of a reaction," said Lessner. "One of the things I counted on, kind of, hoped for the most was the panic would kind of keep up with the surprise but wouldn't get too bad."

During the stop officers convinced Pol that she needed to get something out of the trunk and then follow officers to the police station.

"When I opened the trunk there was a [stuffed toy] dog hanging from the trunk, and my ring was on it. And I had to press the paw of the dog and the dog said will you marry me?"

Pol said yes, of course. The couple plans to marry next August, but has not yet set an official date.