Whether it's costumes or frights Halloween is as much about one-upping as it is about having fun.

Every year the stake gets higher, and leave it up to technology to it once again up the bar this year.

Virtual reality haunted houses are becoming a thing.

Strap on a headset, headphones and let the terrifying world of zombies immerse you.

“Yeah people say I thought they were actually being attacked by zombies,” said Haunted VR owner Justin Moskowitz. “It feels a lot more real for a lot of people than just a mask coming at you.”

It’s difficult to imagine a fake-world feeling more real than the real world, but people claim it to be true.

Moskowitz has three attractions location in a 10 ft. x 12 ft. room above Epic Brewing in Denver, the most terrifying of which involves being pushed through an abandoned hospital with half-dead zombies lurking nearby.

“It was cool. I had to give myself a couple of pep talks,” said Dionna Wright of her first experience.

The experience is definitely rated R for violence and gore, but lasts about four or five minutes.

“There was one person who thought this was so real that she was just going off attacking everything and I had to bear hug her and say it's ok this is not real,” Moskowitz said.

Tickets for the experience are $25.