At YogaFest in Eagle Colorado organizer Yvonne Schwartz’s 4th year is her biggest yet,.

“We have over 200 attendees at this year’s festival and we’re at our highest turnout ever for Eagle Yogafest,” Schwartz said.

Hundreds of yogis are looking for some inner peace because outside the political season is stressing people out.

“People are more wound up these days,” Schwartz said.

Shaking their chakras as they try to find a happy place away from all the politics seeping into our lives.

“I would imagine people are using yoga to keep themselves centered and calm during the election season,” said Schwartz.

Because we are so connected it’s pretty tough tuning out all those political voices which is why so many like Eric Samdahl have come to this retreat to find a sanctuary where those political voices just disappear.

“Exactly," Samdahl said. "It was two hours of nothing, no social media, no TV, no anything just a chance to get back into yourself.”

Here people like Jeremy Wolf are focusing on the practice of yoga as a means of putting smiles on their faces,.

“For me it’s the relationship with the practice that allows me to go deeper so that we can find clarity, steadiness and peace in here and then bring it into the world because it’s obvious the world isn’t giving it to us,” Wolf said.

And who knows maybe in this state of refection they'll find the candidates they’ll vote for.

Yogafest continues on Sunday in Eagle.