We know that putting a child through college is expensive, and paying tuition is just part of it. If you, as a parent, are going to pay any (or all) of your child’s expenses, you’ve still got to pay for your own needs, too.

All that comes together in a new list out this week from GOBankingRates that ranks states by how much residents will need to earn in order to send a child through college without loans.

Necessarily, the calculations paint with a broad brush. Within New York, for instance, it costs much more to live in Manhattan than it does to live in Buffalo, and in California, it costs a lot more to live in San Francisco than it does to live in Fresno. But as a general guide, it’s helpful to think about paying for college in terms of overall income and cost-of-living instead of simply comparing states against each other.

As for which state tops the list for where you need to earn the most to put a child through college without loans, neither New York nor California ranks #1. Click through the gallery above to see the 10 states that top this ranking.

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