The Pitkin County sheriff, in conjunction with fire chiefs in Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt and Carbondale are imposing fire restrictions to combat potential wildfire outbreaks in the county after several weeks of dry, warm weather.

The burn ban goes into effect July 1, joining Pitkin County with JeffCo and Boulder County, which have already implemented burn bans in certain areas.

Pitkin's burn ban affects the entire county, whereas other burn bans have only affected parts of it.

Visitors and residents to the area are not allowed to start, maintain or be around a campfire unless its in a developed recreation site or an improved site including a fire ring and/or pit.

They're also not allowed to smoke unless within a building, vehicle or at a developed recreation site - OR if you're in a three-foot diametric area clear of all debris.

No using an internal or external combustion engine without an approved spark-arresting device installed and in working order.

You also can't use any fireworks or explosives that have fuses or blasting caps.

Read the full listing from Pitkin County here.

Pitkin County Fire Restriction order by Jacob Rodriguez on Scribd