When firefighters rescue kittens or puppies, it’s adorable.

When firefighters rescue a mystery rodent, it’s a little more ... interesting.

Here’s the backstory: Tuesday afternoon, there was a quarter-acre fire just outside of a building in the 6800 block of South Ivy Way near South Holly Street and East Arapahoe Road.

The fire started when leaves in a gutter were ignited by smoking embers, according to South Metro Fire.

Luckily, no one was hurt and there was no structural damage, and firefighters were able to rescue an animal. This is where things get interesting.

South Metro Fire tweeted a photo of this very tiny animal, writing that it was “exhausted and covered in soot” in wake of the fire. Firefighters gave it some water and returned it back to the open space.

That’s awesome, but people had a question: What exactly was this mystery critter?

South Metro Fire didn’t have an answer, writing “it’s a rodent, but we’re not exactly sure what type.”

One person on Twitter chimed in that it might be a vole or a mole.

No one in the 9NEWS newsroom was quite sure what the mystery rodent is, but speculation made our morning editorial meeting last five to 10 minutes longer than usual.

Nevertheless, good job firefighters!

And if you know what the mystery rodent is, drop us a line in the comments.