Within the last three years, Colorado State Patrol has lost three troopers in the line of duty - all as a result of traffic accidents.

So, first responders are making a move. The new statewide strategy focuses on minimizing exposure to traffic for first responders.

That could mean when there's a wreck in a lane of traffic, first responders might use one of their own vehicles to push the wreckage off to the side.

They demonstrated their 'quick clearance' technique Friday in Douglas County.

"Being out of your vehicle is very dangerous,” said Colorado State Patrol Sgt. Rob Madden. “So the faster we can mitigate and get out of the traffic lane, the safer it is for everybody."

Traffic-related crashes are among the leading causes of injuries and fatalities for first responders of all types, including law enforcement, firefighters and tow-truck drivers, according to Colorado State Patrol.