AURORA - One last skull. One last screaming zombie. Tyson Searcy is scrambling to put the finishing touches on his elaborate, front-yard Halloween display.

“It’s always been my favorite holiday,” Searcy said. “Basically doing the yard up and scaring little kids—not in a mean way!”

Searcy’s house at 3036 South Biscay Street, Aurora, CO, has always been the house on the block with the best outdoor Halloween decorations. This year, he and his wife Tonya and daughter Courtney are trying to make even more special.

“I’ve got cancer, and don’t know if it’ll be my last or not so making sure it’s a good one,” Searcy said.

Searcy was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer in April 2016.

“They said you’ve got a year to live—and I’m saying, nuh uh,” Searcy said. “I’m fighting it tooth and nail.”

Searcy’s wife Tonya said her husband has not felt well in the past few weeks, but could not skip a year of decorating the yard for his favorite holiday.

“We did have to do it for sure this year--if it was going to be my husband’s last, then I wanted it to be the best,” said Tonya Searcy, Tyson’s wife. “I wanted him to remember it and I wanted us to remember it.”

The Searcy family invites anyone who likes to be scared, to visit their display at 3036 South Biscay Street, Aurora, CO.