File this under “things you shouldn’t do.”

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office says on Saturday, four deputies and numerous emergency responders “dropped what they were doing, ran lights and sirens” to something that turned out to be just a joke.

Here’s what they say happened: For April Fools’ Day, someone told their friends and family they found a friend dead.

They proceeded to call the cops … all for something that was just a joke. A bad joke. And a joke that wasted the time of people who are supposed to keep us safe.

No one was charged, and instead, the sheriff's office is using the incident to educate people about what they shouldn't do. 

“We are all for a good time, but joking about death isn’t … funny,” the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook. “Celebrate responsibly.”

And on that note, don’t do what Von Miller did either. You made us all panic, Von!