More than a dozen dogs are headed to new homes this evening after a much-anticipated adoption event at the Denver Animal Shelter.

The city recovered 35 dogs from a home where officers say animals were not getting proper care. Many of them are French bulldogs.

On Saturday, the shelter held a special event to find most of them a new home. Hundreds of people showed up to try and get one, but it was Luke Gregory who was first in line.

“It sounds like these dogs were in a bad situation so hopefully it can be a win win for our family and the dog that needs a good home,” said Gregory.

Because of the dogs' previous situation, the shelter wanted to ensure each dog would get the right family.

So, counselors sat down with each applicant to make sure they were a perfect fit for the pet.

To keep down the chaos, shelter workers gave people tickets with numbers as they came inside of the event.

After a lot of love, play and waiting, the Gregory's decided on a cute little French bulldog they named Gus.

“It’s amazing that we are going have a new dog and we are so happy to give him a new home,” said Gregory.

Sixteen French Bulldogs were up for adoption and thirteen of those got adopted along with two others from the investigation.

Four other dogs also found new homes. Nine of the French bulldogs are on hold during an investigation over whether they already have another owner, besides the woman whose home they were rescued from.

That woman has been charged with 12 felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals as well as 35 misdemeanor counts.